“Great mechanic !!! Helped us when noone else would while stuck in the keys on Labor Day ! !! Saved our vacation !!! Recommended him MANY times !”
-Kimberly Radford, Facebook

“Great service! Just outfitted Twice Blessed with new rod holders, blue LED lighting, new AGM batteries including smart charger, gunnel plugs…great job Josh Hodge Marine Services”
-Shawn Fibkins, Facebook

“Thanks for the help! You guys are the best!”
-Steve Davis, Facebook

“It’s hard to find truly good, honest mechanics these days. The guys at hodges literally always go above and beyond. Wouldn’t know what to do without josh and Roy”
-Jordan Bupp, Facebook

“Very professional service from an obviously well educated and very experienced mechanic. I would absolutely reccomend them.”
-Scott Alan Rogers, Facebook

“Best of the best!”
-Amanda Roschel Mueller, Facebook

“Great Service! Hooked up Twice Blessed w new AGM batteries, smart charger, Blue LED lighting, new rod holders…gearing up for sailfish season. Thanks Josh!”
-Shawn Fibkins